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University of Minnesota
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Smart Critical Infrastructure for the Future
February 21, 2013 - 5:30 p.m.
Maroon & Gold Room
McNamara Alumni Center

Virtually every crucial economic and social function depends on the secure, reliable and efficient operation of our local and national infrastructures. Critical infrastructures - such as electric power, oil/gas/water pipelines, transportation, and telecommunications networks including the Internet and digital systems - have become increasingly interdependent. Recent technological developments and policies combined with potential for innovations and business opportunities, have attracted a high level of interest in smart infrastructure and smart cities. We focus on enabling smarter infrastructure and cities, discuss progress achieved so far, along with the challenges and opportunities for deployment of technologies, products and services.

About the speaker:

Massoud AminDr. Massoud Amin witnessed the 1977 NYC blackout, the 9/11 tragedies near DC, and the collapse of the I-35W bridge. He works on enabling smart, secure and resilient infrastructures. He holds the Honeywell/H.W. Sweatt Chair in Technological Leadership, directs the Technological Leadership Institute, is a University Distinguished Teaching Professor and a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Amin leads a team senior faculty members from across the University and industry executives, who develop local and global leaders for high-tech enterprises. He is an expert in and teaches/researches in smart grids, critical infrastructure security, complex dynamical systems,  pivotal technologies, S&T policy, IP valuation and strategy. Before joining the university in 2003, he directed all Infrastructure Security R&D after the tragic events of 9/11, Grid Operations/Planning, and Energy Markets at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in Palo Alto. Prior to that, he served as head of mathematics and information sciences and led the development of more than 24 technologies that transferred to industry. At EPRI he pioneered RD&D in smart grids, is considered the father of the smart grid, and twice received the Institute’s highest honor. For more information, please see . For related short videos please see and a TED talk at

Additional readings:

"We Are Not in Kansas Any More...: The Next 'Stimulus'... Filling Potholes Is Necessary but Insufficient," Midwest Reliability Matters, September/October 2011, pp. 1-4.

"Living In The Dark: Why The U.S. Needs To Upgrade The Grid," Forbes, Op-Ed on 11 July 2012

“7 elements of a self-healing power”


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View the presentation to hear Massoud Amin talk about enabling secure, reliable and resilient infrastructure systems.

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