University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Technological Leadership Institute

Five Minds for the 21st Century Workplace
June 20, 2013 - 5:30 p.m.
Maroon & Gold Room
McNamara Alumni Center

The 21st Century workplace is a landscape that is increasingly connected, open, rapidly changing, and dynamic. It requires us to adopt new competencies and practices in order to grow and succeed. What are these competencies and how do we cultivate them? Join us for an exploration of this changing landscape and discover virtual spaces and collaboration technologies that change the way we think and work together.


About the speaker:

Christiane ReillyChristiane Reilly is an Associate Education Specialist at the College for Continuing Education at the University of Minnesota where she directs the online course production and faculty development services for the college. Christiane has over 13 years experience in distance education and has been a pioneer in eLearning development since its inception. She is a passionate educator and spokesperson for collaborative work practices and how to leverage technology to maximize our human potential. She is currently completing her PhD in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests are in the designing eLearning environments for underserved populations.




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