University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Technological Leadership Institute

Leading with Emotional Intelligence
January 17, 2013 - 5:30 p.m.
Johnson Great Room
McNamara Alumni Center

Just as great technologies aren't successful without an effective business model, great technologists aren't necessarily going to be great leaders because of their technical expertise alone.  In the past decade we've learned a lot about the role that emotional intelligence (EQ) plays as a complement to IQ in differentiating the best performers from the rest, especially in leadership roles.  If you are striving to differentiate yourself as a great leader of teams and/or organizations, join us as we take a brief look at the impact and practice of EQ as a key enabler of leadership effectiveness.

About the speaker:

Kirk FroggattKirk Froggatt holds the Gemini Chair in Technology Management at the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute. Prior to joining TLI, Kirk spent 27 years in senior talent management, leadership development and organization effectiveness roles at HP, Silicon Graphics, Yahoo!, Agilent Technologies and Ecolab.  The common theme throughout Kirk’s career has been helping technical experts become more effective innovation leaders capable of building teams that translate technical ideas into customer solutions and business models to generate profitable growth.



For more information on emotional intelligence check out Kirk's recent blog post and his recommended resources.

Missed the event?
View the presentation to hear Kirk Froggatt talk about how emotional intelligence impacts your effectiveness as a leader.

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